Kindergarten-Grade 3-Farmer McPeepers's cows "are up to no good." They've snitched the nearsighted man's glasses and taken off for a day on the town. He looks for them at the fishing pond, the swimming hole, the playground, the ballpark, and even the "moovies." Of course, the joke is on the myopic farmer as the cows are playing and cavorting in full view. They're fishing and boating, swimming, and Rollerblading. The stands are packed with bovine fans cheering on the Bulls. And there's a long line of cows waiting at the theater to see Cowabunga Summer. After searching unsuccessfully all day, Farmer returns to the barn where he notices something shiny-his glasses. He dons the specs just in time to see the dairymaids' return. The last page reveals the milkers planning their next vacation. The text plays the "straight man" in this humorous children's book while the illustrations give the punch lines. However, the real humor is in the garishly colored cartoons. The artist, whose trademark style includes large bulging eyes, has covered Farmer's swollen orbs with squinty eyelids, but the other characters have their eyes wide open. Interesting angles and points of view make these paintings a step above many cartoon illustrations. Young listeners will love the silliness while beginning readers will giggle at the more obvious jokes. Older readers will catch the more subtle humor.-Carolyn Janssen, Children's Learning Center of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH