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Experience a walk through Cartoonland, a world of wacky cartoon
maps, humorous product illustration, and a huge cast of unique
cartoon characters.
Steve Gray's award winning humorous illustration is recognized by
his signature style throughout the world. His cartoon characters
have been seen in digital media, broadcast, and print publication.
His portfolio includes advertising work for Disney, Warner Brothers,
MGM, Coca Cola, AT&T and American Express. Characterized by an
uncanny eye for detail and sly sense of humor, his artwork is a
reflection of how he sees the world.
Steve's humorous illustration has spanned the globe. His 6 minute,
animated short
"Santa's Camels" has been shown in over 70 film
festivals around the world. It is currently available on
iTunes. With
his brightly colored stylization and humorous cartoon approach,
Steve Gray's characters have captured the hearts of children and
adults worldwide. See what people are saying about his new book
"There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider" at amazon.com or click on the book cover image below for optional availability.

There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider
Steve Gray's Illustration Services include:
Custom art designs, children's books, custom cartoon maps,
cartoon comics, cartoon calendars, cartoon animals, cartoon illustration, art designs, illustration, humorous art illustration, and humorous illustrations.

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